The Artist

Mark Haccius was born in the sixties, of English, Swiss, and Australian nationality. He is also Irish by osmosis. A father of four, he is fascinated by history, people and the Rolling Stones – and many other subjects. He also enjoys cooking and wine.

After a variety of different career paths, he began teaching in the 80s and decided it suited him: social, relevant, varied and useful. Time also passed quickly.

Five years ago he began to channel his energy into his painting, the relationship he developed with the subject on the canvas complementing the energy he injects into his classroom.

Haccius isn’t really sure what an artist is; he just paints. His art has attracted interest in Switzerland, where he has exhibited and participated in two collections: Le Noir et Blanc (2018) and L’érotique (2019).

“Painting is all about building bridges and creating links. A bit like teaching, actually…”

He lives and works near Lausanne in Switzerland and escapes to Brittany whenever possible.